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Kemptown Cougars Reunite

One thing that I am guilty of is not keeping up with old friends. This is especially true for probably my oldest friend Jess. But when I received a message from her early last year asking if I would take their maternity photos not only was I surprised but extremely honored! We reminisced about how we were likely each other's first friends. See Jess and I grew up with each other, going to the same elementary, middle and high schools. Even so much as "dating" in elementary school, what that actually meant at the time is anybody's guess.

Regardless, of course, I said yes to shooting Jess' maternity session. We made plans and were set to go for the end of July at a beautiful park located right alongside the Potomac River in Northern Virginia. But little Emmett decided he couldn't wait any longer and made his appearance early on July 27, 2017. Other than spending a little bit of time in hospital Emmett and Mom were doing just fine.

We pushed our plans back until possibly a Fall or Christmas styled family shoot. We settled for just a normal family shoot in late January. The location we chose, Pump House Park, was perfect for the look and feel Jess was going for. It was great getting to see Jess after all these years. Plus getting to meet her husband Alex and baby boy Emmett!

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