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2017 Fall Mini Sessions!

You know when you think to yourself you aren't going to do something this time around but then you end up doing six of them all within a short amount of time? That's how my fall went with mini sessions, I tried to schedule them last year to have a bunch all on the same day. My thoughts were I could be effecient and move people through like an assembly line.

Fall came and I only scheduled one day of this and vowed never to do another day of mini sessions again. This lasted until Christmas came around when I did it all over again. I promised my self that it would be different this year. No more marathon mini sessions. Once fall came back around in 2017 I didn't advertise nor make any posts advertising for a full day of mini sessions. But you know what? People started reaching out and the mini sessions started scheduling themselves. This time around though I did not push to have them all on the same day. I found that each session was an absolute joy, I was able to spend more time with each family getting to know them and their story. There was no stop watch running in the back of my mind thinking I need to get these people out of here in 5 mins.

Even though each session was supposed to be 30 mins max, we'd end up going over by 15 even another 30 mins because we were having that much fun. This is how I am going to do all mini and full sessions from now on. I don't and will not be a turn and burn photographer. I worked with six families this fall and I think everyone of them was pure magic. I hope you enjoy these images and please reach out to me if you want to schedule your session today!

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