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The McCullum's Family Tree Grows to Three

This session was a date with destiny. Not only had I worked in the past with Alison at my previous job Estes, she and my wife spell their name the exact same way! As my wife Alison say's the correct way. My wife was very excited to get to spend an afternoon with someone who appreciated the correct way of spelling their name.

Alison and I first talked about doing a session together once her beautiful baby girl Penny was born. Just a short time later Penelope June made her entrance into this world on July 22nd. Three short months later I finally was able to meet sweet Penny June. There is no doubt, as these photos will show, that Penny is and will grow up being a Daddy's girl.

We meet on a pretty blustery afternoon at Libby Hill Park overlooking our gorgeous River City. It goes without saying that Justin, Alison and Penny June are huge troopers for sticking out those conditions that day and the memories we captured are nothing short of amazing!

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